Agency Arms P320 Dual Port Compensator

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The 419 Compensator is precision machined from high quality aluminum and features a seamless 1/2"-28RH thread design. The 419 Compensator helps to disburse gases away from the shooter creating enhanced control over the firearm. The 419 Compensator is a great choice for anyone serious about upgrading their SIG P320 pistol!

The 419 Dual Port is designed to fit only with Agency and Syndicate P320 slides, it will not fit OEM slides and may not fit other aftermarket slides. If you are interested in an Agency compensator for OEM slides, check out the 419 OEM Dual Port.

Barrel Compatibility: These compensators are threaded by Agency Arms in 1/2-28RH, we recommend using the Agency Arms P320 barrels for maximum compatibility. If you are using another branded barrel you will need to confirm it will accept 1/2-28RH thread pitch with the manufacture. Below are barrels we have test fitted and guarantee fitment.

  • Agency Arms P320C Mid Line Threaded Barrel
  • Agency Arms P320C Premier Line Threaded Barrel

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